Meet the Maker:

Three Bluebirds

Co-founders Lynda and Lasse (pictured here) in their younger days
Co-founders Lynda and Lasse (pictured here) in their younger days

Co-founders Lynda and Lasse paired their love of design with their Scandinavian ideals to create a beautiful and eco-friendly everyday essential.


Three Bluebirds is rooted in a love story, which began when Lynda (originally from California) and Lasse (originally from Finland) met in Lake Yamanakako, Japan. 

Both Lynda and Lasse were drawn to the beauty, simplicity, and functionality of Scandinavian craft and design, and when Lynda was first introduced to Swedish Dishcloths, she was eager to share this innovative product to inspire more earth-friendly lifestyles. She remembers thinking, “Oh my gosh, we need this in the States!”

From the very beginning, it was a top priority for Lynda and Lasse to go about building their business the right way. “We had to be as local as possible,” Lynda says. Being local isn’t easy, though – the patented Swedish Dishcloth fabric (the real deal) is manufactured only in Europe! But they found a way to import the material, while staying local by designing and printing the dishcloths in their home state, Connecticut.

Lynda and Lasse work with a husband-and-wife-led team to print their own Swedish Dishcloths using eco-friendly, safe water-based inks. The two couples have formed a fruitful partnership built on trust and kindness, and have become close, lifelong friends.

With the right team in place, Lynda and Lasse strive to support local craftspeople and family businesses. They have sold Three Bluebirds products in their home state, at artisan fairs, and at farmer’s markets, as well as in shops around the country.


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