Meet the Maker:

The North Bee

Amy pictured at her Beehives in Ontario, New York
Amy pictured at her Beehives in Ontario, New York

Amy, a retired accountant turned beekeeper, founded The North Bee out of a love for bees and the taste of real honey. Her honey is sourced in small batches from Ontario, NY.


Shortly after retiring from her twenty-year accounting career, Amy decided to become a beekeeper. She had been inspired by her sister’s beekeeping and fell in love with the taste of her backyard honey. It wasn’t long before Amy was creating all kinds of unique bee-related product, including intricate beeswax ornaments, all-natural apothecary goods, and of course, delicious honey.

 Amy's Story:

I've been beekeeping for 6 years now and really enjoy sharing my passion with others. I had my foot out the door 3 years ago when I went part time at my job of, then, 17 years. 

I opened my store in the Village of Webster in November 2018 and retired from my accounting career in Sept of 2020. The kids room in our shop is really important to me, and I welcome all the little ones to hangout in the beekeeping sensory room while mom or dad are browsing the great selection of Handcrafted Goodness from the Hive. 

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