Meet the Maker:

Nicole Spiteri

Nicole Spiteri Headshot
Nicole Spiteri Headshot

Nicole is the designer behind Sunroot's Brand and we're so grateful to have her as a partner on this journey.


Nicole's Story:

I’m Nicole, a designer and brand consultant based in Toronto. I specialize in helping entrepreneurs and brands tell their stories in a compelling and beautiful way, through a holistic and results-driven approach. 

In short; I make things look really great, with a true purpose behind everything that I design. 

After graduating from university and spending the beginning of my career in the marketing world, I quickly realized I wanted to take a more visual approach to my work. A proudly self-taught designer armed with a background in strategy, I’ve spent my freelance career developing brands and marketing collateral for organizations across a variety of industries; from one-woman shows to globally recognized companies. I’m a die-hard lover of all things design and a serial spontaneous flight booker, always on the hunt for inspiration in my lifelong mission to find beauty in the everyday. I'm confident that I'll never tire of looking for new ways to flex my creative muscles; beyond branding and strategy, I’ve worked as a home stylist for real estate listings, as well as personal renovation projects. 


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