Meet the Maker:

Kahiniwalla (Pebble)

Kahiniwalla (Pebble)
Kahiniwalla (Pebble)

 Founders Marita and Austin are driven to put sustainable handmade toys into the hands of the next generation, and partner with Pebble to accomplish this, while building equity for women and their children in Bangladeshi communities.


Kahiniwalla's Story: 

Austin and Marita Miller first traveled to Bangladesh with an idealistic desire to change the world and to help those less fortunate than themselves. Fortunately, over the eight years that they lived there, they began to realize that Bangladesh was actually changing them in ways that they could not have imagined.

As their perspective shifted, they moved from a colonialist pursuit that sought to impose a particular vision of culture and faith, to a stance of listening and learning and the willingness to be wrong. After letting go of their own agendas, their relationships began to flourish with the strong foundation of authenticity minus the barrier of unspoken motives. Adjusting to all of these changes as a young, growing family had its stresses but as their sons began to grow up with Bangladesh as their home, it slowly became home for their whole family.

Austin eventually found his passion as a product designer working with Bangladeshi designers to create products marketable in the US. Through his work, he discovered Pebble. He was amazed at their business model and began meeting with Pebble’s founders to learn from them. When the Millers returned to their home in Ohio after being gone for years, one of Pebble’s founders asked if they would be interested in distributing Pebble in the US. They eventually said “Yes”, started Kahiniwalla, and have spent the past years building up Pebble’s distribution in the US. By partnering with Pebble, the Millers have been able to marry their values of compassion, imagination and sustainability. They delight in the fact that their work puts sustainable handmade toys into the hands of the next generation.


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