Meet the Maker:

Hayden Flour Mills

Employee pictured walking in Hayden Flour Mills Wheat field
Employee pictured walking in Hayden Flour Mills Wheat field

Co-owners + father daughter team Jeff and Emma are bringing the beauty of heritage grain back to our tables, making small batch flour using old world, stone mill techniques.


Hayden Flour Mills makes "the wheat you can eat" in Queen Creek, Arizona. Their mill is considered a micro mill; which much like a microbrewery, makes small quantities for people that prefer traditional methods and appreciate the flavor and freshness they get from them. Their wheat is minimally processed, meaning it is never bleached or enriched, and is always fresh. 

Hayden Flour Mills' flour is stone milled, which means it goes through an old-world process that allows the flavor and personality of the wheat to shine through. They have customers who had previously sworn off gluten (over-processed, bleached flours) for good, and can eat Hayden Flour Mills grains and flours without issue!

In the stone milling process, the grain is sheared into flour by rotating stones. This low-temperature process preserves the integrity and nutrition of the whole grain. Even their more finely sifted flours have part of the whole grain in them.

White Sonora Wheat, one of their most popular varieties, is the oldest variety of white wheat in North America. It was brought over by European missionaries in the 1700's and it is desert-adapted, which means it needs less water than modern varieties.

The Hayden Flour Mills team focuses on preserving the integrity of their grains in everything they produce, and they are working to bring this heritage grain back to our tables. 


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