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Finding Home Farms

Laura and Dana, founders of Finding Home Farms
Laura and Dana, founders of Finding Home Farms

“Finding Home Farms is who we’re supposed to be.”

Finding Home Farm's Story: 

Finding Home Farms initially started as a blog in 2010, where Laura happily shared decorating ideas and DIY projects. While Laura was trying to figure out the world of blogging, Dana was stressed and run down doing the corporate gig. He traveled the globe in a great job, but he was never home.

In 2015, the Putnam family decided it was time to start a new path by returning to their roots. Dana grew up on a dairy farm in New Hampshire, and his favorite time of the year was the six weeks of “sugaring” when they made maple syrup. For 14 years, the Putnams were “backyard sugar makers,” crafting just enough syrup to share with neighbors and friends.

Those six weeks were always the happiest. And now they’ve turned sugar making into a full-time career, going for the BIG dream – making a life AND a living doing what they love best – crafting maple syrup and creating a welcoming home. 

Meet Laura: Laura Putnam is the co-founder of Finding Home Farms, along with her husband, Dana. Laura is extremely passionate about a few key things: her family, galvanized-metal-anything, and developing products for Finding Home Farms.  She spent more than a decade, helping others create welcoming homes for their families through her home decor business and popular blog called Finding Home. Before that, Laura was the marketing and communications director of an internationally recognized shoe brand. She officially “found home” when she and Dana turned their sugar-making hobby into a full-time business. Aside from meeting and collaborating with retailers, one of Laura’s favorite parts of the business is product development, particularly the Shine and Signature candle collection, food products, and entertaining/decor pieces. She also enjoys community events at the Sugarhouse, Finding Home Farms’ retail location in Middletown, New York, United States.

Meet Dana: With a Ph.D. in animal nutrition, Dana Putnam has lived full force in the corporate world for many years. High profile, high stress, and high travel eventually took their toll, and Dana longed for a simpler life…a life more like the one he enjoyed growing up in New Hampshire as a fourth-generation sugar maker.  He started his first sugar making business at an early age. His father built a little shed so Dana and his brother could have their own sugar house with about 80 trees. He continued the tradition of working on the family farm, and did so through college, until joining corporate America. In 2015, Dana and his wife and co-founder, Laura, took a leap of faith and launched Finding Home Farms. Life has never been sweeter! He enjoys merging old traditions with new technology. When he isn’t boiling sap or tapping trees, he can usually be found researching more efficient ways to make maple syrup, or running. He believes, “Finding Home Farms is who we’re supposed to be.”


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