Meet the Maker:

Butte Copper Company

Butte Copper Co team in gift shop
Butte Copper Co team in gift shop

Machelle was a Corporate Retail Store Manager for over 15 years until one day she got the call that they were closing her store and she would no longer have a job. Three years later, she purchased Butte Copper Company, and has since grown it to one of the largest gift stores in Montana.

Butte Copper Company's Story: 

Butte Copper Company has been in Business for over 40 years, and has long been a mainstay in the Butte community as a souvenir shop. Under Machelle and team’s leadership, they have made the Butte Copper Co. much more than just a souvenir destination. At 10,000 Square Feet (with over 100,000 items), it is now one of the largest gift stores in Montana, with a goal of becoming one of the largest distributors of Premier Copper Products around the Globe. They strive to offer the best customer service and stand behind their products. They know you'll love their products as much as they do!


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