Meet the Maker:

Amy Moore Photography

Amy Moore pictured in black and white with antique camera
Amy Moore pictured in black and white with antique camera

Amy is the [amazingly talented] photographer behind Sunroot's imagery -- we couldn't be more grateful to have her as a partner on our journey. 


Amy's Story: 

My name is Amy and, to no surprise, I am the owner of Amy Moore Photography based in Rochester, NY. While I did go to college for Advertising Photography, I am not someone who picked up a camera when I was 5 years old and immediately had a knack for it. It was a slow build inspired by my older sister who took photography classes in high school combined with an obsession with America’s Next Top Model. While I didn’t become the fashion photographer of my teenage dreams, I have found myself doing what I love, day in and day out, with real people and meaningful products. 

I like to create work that lives in a limbo between styles. Both punchy and soft, immersive, and observant, steady and malleable. Humans are never one thing entirely, so why should my work be? My goal is to put the collaborative process before all else to capture my subjects in a unique and authentic manner.  

As a female artist in a male-dominated industry, I aim to uplift female artists and entrepreneurs through photography with the hopes of seeing each of them succeed in their passion. Each and every one of my subjects are an inspiration to me that continues to fuel my creative mind. 


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