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Your person works harder than most, and with this gift you can brighten their surroundings with beautiful simplicities. Thoughtfully curated with one-of-a-kind, feel-good keepsakes, the Out of Office Box is a lovely way to send well wishes, encouragement or congratulations.


Tapestry Sticky Note in Orinoco, by Moglea
Say hello to a fresh and elegant take on the notepad. This design-forward pad of die-cut sticky notes will add a new flair and air of luxury to an everyday space. We never thought we'd say that about sticky notes, but this is a one-of-a-kind statement for a one-of-a-kind product.

Desert Flower Candle Tin, by The Fleurish Co.
Hand-poured in a small batch, this candle was made using all natural ingredients including soy wax and essential oils. This scent is a unique blend of sweet agave, aloe, fresh green leaves, chrysanthemum petals, and hints of patchouli. 

Slim Optic Rollerball Pen, by Soothi
This is a pen with class. Soothi's fine point gold rollerball pens are adorned with a chrome finish that fits comfortably in your grip and helps create a smooth writing experience.

Moon Phases Matchbox, by GP Candle Co.
The perfect accompaniment to the Desert Flower Candle, this handmade designer matchbox will add a special touch to your space. Approximately 75 safety strike matches per box.

Keepsake Gift Box and Ribbon, by Sunroot Gifting Co.
Custom keepsake box, covered in a luxurious linen-embossed paper and wrapped in a hand-dyed natural muslin ribbon.

Handwritten Note, by Sunroot Gifting Co.
If you choose to indicate a personal message below, we'll handwrite a note for your recipient.

The Unboxing Experience

We put time and care into creating a one-of-a-kind unboxing experience because we believe in the value of storytelling through memorable, tangible experiences. We combine thoughtful layers of sustainable, luxurious packaging with unique goods with the goal of giving your person memorable moment of "WOW".

woman owned, hand packed, handmade, minority owned small business icons to show values
woman owned, hand packed, handmade, minority owned small business icons to show values
The Out of Office Gift Box

The Perfect Office Gift For Her

If you're looking for a thoughtful and personal (yet widely appreciated) gift for a coworker, client, or employee, this is a wonderful option to have up your sleeve. Featuring artisan desktop accessories and one of the most uniquely luscious candle scents we have found, this gift is most likely a surefire success, no matter the recipient. Although the theme of this curated bundle was office-friendly, we've seen many of our customers opt to send this for more personal holidays such as a sister's birthday, Mother's Day, and more. This is a luxury office gift they'll remember -- personalized with a handwritten note and delivered to right their doorstep for the ultimate moment of surprise and delight.


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What's Included?

Luxury Packaging Suite

Each gift is packed by hand and delivered to your person's doorstep in a keepsake gift box (which is not only beautiful to behold, it is also substantial enough to be reused and repurposed).

All orders include a complimentary handwritten note as a personal touch, and are wrapped in our custom hand-dyed ribbon.

We love to see how our customers use and re-use our packaging components -- we've had customers use our ribbons for everything from a new belt to fresh home decor. We'd love to see how your person uses their Sunroot packaging suite!

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